Trumpet/keyboard player, featured Grammy award winning artist, and sonic scientist Ben Hovey, aka HoveyKraft, blends his artistry as an accomplished traditional musician with a deep knowledge of music technology, into a truly rare talent.   Ben is reinventing what is possible in live performance by synergizing the musician and DJ archetypes.   As he plays trumpet with his right hand, he harmonizes on keys with his left, capturing loops live, all while seamlessly remixing and manipulating samples with these performances.  This adventurous approach to improvisation creates an unmatched organic electronic soundscape. Whether he is performing as HoveyKraft, making a record, composing for video, or touring the world with artists like pop icon Pitbull, Ben‘s diverse skill set, “whatever it takes” attitude, and infectious positivity make him an ideal fit for any musical project.




by HoveyKraft